Our Twitter Account has been suspended. We are being censored. Get ready. This is modern-day book burning.


If people wonder where we have been on Twitter, our account @GetConservativ1 has been suspended. On Election Day, we woke up to this suspension. The reason stated from Twitter was platform manipulation. This was totally fabricated. The real reason we were suspended was our political opinion. They suspended my tech blog’s Twitter account @wreck_or at the same time. We had almost 17,000 followers on the @wreck_or account. This account was followed by General Flynn, Congressmen, Congressional Candidates, Rita Cosby, Jewish leaders, and other influential checkmark accounts that I was proud to have the honor of being followed by. They even suspended my wife’s account on the same day, and she wasn’t even that politically active. They suspended 3/4 of the people in my pro-Trump circle simultaneously, all for the same reason, and all on election day. This is the United States we live in today. If you have a political opinion that is not the same as our social media overlords, you will be silenced.

The controllers of the internet are inditing themselves of sedition. They are trying to stage a coup by influencing our election process by silencing all opposition. The internet started as a platform that increased free speech has now turned into a tool used to enslave us and keep us and control all speech. We are losing any semblance of free speech, and it’s not only sad, but it’s also something we should fight to protect. They are influencing our elections in a way that is going to take away all freedom from all people. The thought police are real. If we let this happen, then we are all doomed. So get ready to think what you’re told to believe. Pretty soon, you will wonder what happened to your freedoms, and it will be too late. All I can say is this is very serious at this point already, and I hope it’s not too late. If it is, this is not only the end of our Republic but the end of the world as we know it.

These companies just totally ignore anything that President Trump says. Even the presidential orders. Like this one. This censorship has been illegal since the end of May. I wonder what the implications of all this censorship are going to be. Here is the presidential order that they ignore as it doesn’t exist.

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